Finding Balance And Understanding The Energy Channels

In ancient Hindu tradition, Ida and Pingala are two important nadis, or energy channels, that run alongside the spinal cord. These nadis are said to be responsible for the flow of prana, or life force, throughout the body. Ida is associated with lunar energy, and Pingala is associated with solar energy.

According to Hindu philosophy, Ida and Pingala are coiled around the central channel, or Sushumna, which runs from the spine’s base to the head’s crown. The activation of these energy channels is said to be necessary for achieving a state of balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.

Ida, also known as Chandra Nadi, is associated with the left side of the body and is said to be feminine in nature. It relates to the moon and the energy of calmness, intuition, and receptivity. When Ida is activated, it promotes relaxation and inner peace.

On the other hand, Pingala is associated with the right side of the body and is said to be masculine. It relates to the sun and the energy of vitality, action, and creativity. When Pingala is activated, it promotes alertness, focus, and a sense of motivation.

When the left nostril is open, the brain’s right hemisphere is active, and we are in our creative and introverted energy, Ida Nadi energy (the parasympathetic nervous system). When the right nostril is open and flowing with power, the left side of the brain becomes logical and extroverted, pingala nadi (the sympathetic nervous system).


Ida and Pingala can be activated through various techniques, including pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga, and meditation. By balancing these two energy channels, one can achieve a state of harmony and balance within themselves, which can lead to a greater sense of well-being and overall health.


Ida and Pingala are two essential energy channels in the Hindu tradition responsible for prana flow throughout the body. By balancing these two channels, one can achieve balance and harmony within themselves, leading to excellent overall health and well-being.

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