Get To Know Your Energy Centres – Chakras

Get to know the Chakras and how they affect your daily life.


Our human energy system – Chakra in Sanskrit means the wheel of light.


Chakras are human energy points in the body that circulate and release energy. They act as energy release points.


Our body has many chakras, but there are seven main chakras that we will concentrate on in this post. These chakras are connected to the spinal column and the head. Each Chakra has its colour and makes up the colour of the rainbow spectrum.


They act as gateways for vital life-force energy to enter the physical body. Energy can get stuck in these chakras, and since emotions are energy, they get stuck in different chakras, which stops us from evolving.


When I explain each Chakra, I will also explain the kinds of blockages we can have in these centres. Understanding our internal energy systems can help us to heal and look after ourselves from the inside out.


Root Chakra – Muladhara


Your root chakra is the foundation of building our lives – Safety, security and stability. It is based at the bottom of your spine by your sex organs, including the perineum, pelvic floor, bladder, bowel and anus. The colour of this Chakra is red, and in Sanskrit, it is called Muladhara.


Our basic survival needs stem from our root chakra, where we carry deep-rooted emotions that we are unaware are even there.

These emotions are a form of energy that needs to go somewhere. This Chakra is where the hormones estrogen and progesterone in women and testosterone in men are connected.


The root chakra is our grounding chakra. It’s where security, confidence and our physical vitality for life are stored. It is where creative energy exists, where you make life, the creation of life. When balanced, your creative energy will flow, and you’ll be grounded within your sexuality when you hover your root chakra.


When you have a blocked root chakra, it can bring on many emotions. Some examples of these emotions are fear, paranoia, procrastination, defensiveness and anxiety. You can also have a lack of focus in your daily lives, unable to concentrate or, even worse, just cannot be bothered to have any goals or motivation to try anything new.


Using energy healing and crystals to unblock this Chakra will allow for the emotional blockages to become free, and you will be able to deal with these emotions that have been deep-rooted for many years.


Sacral Chakra


Our sacral Chakra is located just below our navel – in Sanskrit, Svadhishthana. The colour of this Chakra is orange, and this is where our creative and sexual energies are.


This energy centre is linked to emotions, our social structures and networks, desire and pleasure—sexuality and sensuality, and our emotional expression and creative energies.


We store our relationships, family, and culture’s beliefs and emotions in this Chakra. This Chakra allows us to let go of anything we are holding onto that does not serve us anymore. We can consume energy in this centre or eliminate what is holding us back.


Clearing this Chakra and allowing the energy to flow again will help with compulsive/obsessive behaviours, emotional problems, and sexual guilt. The sacral area is linked to digestion, consumption, breaking down food into energy, and balancing your sugar levels.



Solar Plexus


Our solar plexus chakra is located under the breastbone around the gut area – it is called Manipura in Sanskrit. The colour is yellow, and our willpower, ambition, and personal power are based in this energy centre.


This Chakra helps us have a sense of purpose, giving us the ambition and confidence to achieve things in life. This Chakra is linked to your self-esteem, and when you have a balanced solar plexus chakra, you will have the drive to push forward and overcome any environmental factors that could otherwise limit you.


Your independence to succeed in life gives you the confidence to know that you can achieve anything your heart desires.


Unblocking this Chakra and allowing the energy to flow through again will help relieve anger and frustration and help you get a direction where you have been lacking. Help you set boundaries and maintain them if you have felt that you have issues with limits.


These lower three chakras are our physical selves; looking after these will help us to achieve higher states of being, belonging and loving. These three chakras are our grounding to the earth, survival, and humanity. We need to release what is no longer serving us and holding us back to get out of our heads.


Heart Chakra

Moving on to our heart centre, chakra love and healing, located around the centre of our breast bone, is called Anahata in Sanskrit. The colour of this Chakra is green – it’s where we heal and turn from selfish to selfless. How we give and receive love, the compassion we show and the appreciation for others.


Our heart Chakra, when balanced, allows us to grieve and be at peace, not just grieve the loss of loved ones but also grieve the loss of traumatic events that have played out in our lives, allowing us to reach peace and set free the hurt and the pain, to enable us to feel love and compassion once again.


Forgiveness and acceptance, we have all been hurt and felt our egos damaged at certain times in our lives. But holding onto this hate and emotions builds up inside, and we need to release these emotions and allow the ego to be set free. Forgiveness does not mean you have to let that person or event back into your life, but forgiving them frees you from the emotion you are holding onto.


Your heart Chakra is your connection between your lower three chakras and your upper higher state of being chakras.


The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is located in your throat area and is associated with speaking your truth and how you communicate this – it’s called Visuddha in Sanskrit. The colour of this Chakra is Turquoise blue – How you talk externally and internally, allowing you to express yourself freely.


A blocked throat Chakra stops you from speaking out about your true feelings; holding in what you want to say causes your throat to feel full and heavy. Have you ever had that lump feeling in your throat when you want to say something or have something on your mind that you want to talk about but can’t?


Balancing this energy centre sets you free to speak your truth to yourself and others. Linking to the sacral Chakra, where your creativity is when both are suspended, your creativity flows with authenticity to your outer world.


The Third Eye 

The third eye chakra is your awareness thought, and heightened intuition, the home of your imagination – It is called Anja in Sanskrit. The colour of this Chakra is purple, located behind your eyes in the middle of your head where your brows meet. This Chakra is linked to the pineal gland regulating biorhythms, like sleep patterns; the pineal gland secretes the hormones serotonin and melatonin, which is responsible for the circadian rhythms of feeling awake in the day and sleepy at night.


The gland is close to the optical nerves that are sensitive to visual stimulations, allowing this Chakra to open up mystical states through your third eye. When this Chakra is in balance, you see the world inside and around you much clearer; when blocked, you lack foresight, and your memory becomes selective. You are also more likely to suffer depression and depressive states.


The Crown Chakra

We move on to the seventh Chakra, The Crown Chakra; this Chakra is the spiritual realm of you of your divinity – It is called Sahasrara in Sanskrit, and its colour is either pure white light or deep purple.


When this energy centre is in balance, you are liberated from your limitations in life. Your clarity for life is pure, and you are in pure consciousness. When this Chakra is blocked, you live in your head closed-mindedly.


Now we have looked at all seven chakras, I want to help you become aware of them in your daily life and how you can do little things in your daily routine to allow unblocking to occur.


When you understand your energy system, you will learn to live in a balanced state most days.  You are energy, just like your phone is energy and needs charging, so do you!




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