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Join us in magical Wales for a profoundly healing experience. This is my signature solo retreat, and I only open this safe and loving space for you to heal and grow in it a few times a year.

Sunshine Sanctuary welcomes you home on the 22th-24th of March, which is a special weekend for me. It was the time I welcomed my daughter into the earthly plane. The weekend means so much more to me now as I honour her heavenly birthday – this would have been her 21st birthday.

As we enter spring and the solstice energy will still be around for us, this will be the time for new beginnings. Retreating in nature and connecting to the energy of our ancestors and loved ones who have gone, we will start to heal. Using the powerful energy in West Wales, we will enter into a deep healing phase for two days as we retreat from the outside world.

This is a soul-filling weekend of love, connection, holding, letting go, feeling, experiencing, and, most of all, being present with yourself.


About Emma

Emma founded Sunshine Sanctuary, a sacred space to help you find your inner sanctuary. She is 500hr RYT completing her 200 hr with Yoga Body Barcelona, Emma is also an Inner Alchemy Facilitator, leading women on a life-changing journey to disconnect from external distractions and societal pressures, empowering them to reconnect with their true selves and unlock innate confidence and serenity.

Emma has hosted multiple retreats in the UK, Mexico and Ibiza and hosts specialist workshops and healing circles throughout the year.

“Supporting you to step into the unkown and trust yourself again”


Offerings & Practices


There will be yoga (tailored specifically for the weekend, so suitable for all). Hatha and deep release will be the theme for the weekend. These are balance-based practices that use sun and moon energies (Yin and Yang) and healing yoga. There will be challenges that the mind and body need to overcome in order to release blockages, but you will be able to do nearly everything in our practice.


Our ceremonies are powerful, deep healing sessions. This is where we get to do the deep work. You will be safe and supported as there will be facilitators to guide you, and I will be there to hold the space and allow you the freedom to go within and express yourself.


Some fantastic facilitators will guide you along the way with their unique offerings during the retreat, I take great care in choosing the right people to work alongside me, so we can bring you the journey home.


There will be an abundance of food and tastes, even though I will not be cooking anymore at my retreats. I will design the menu to ensure you get the most out of the food. Food is an essential part of the healing journey.

Deep Healing Retreat

Pay in Full (save £50)
£ 399 Pay in Full
  • 2 nights, 3 day retreat
  • Yoga, Workshops, Cold Water Therapy, Ceremonies
  • All inclusive food and accomodation

Deep Healing Retreat

Payment Plan
£ 91
  • Spread the cost over 5 Payments
  • All balances must be paid three weeks before retreat start date
  • Your journey starts here